Teeth Whitening

What is Teeth Whitening ?

Dental bleaching is also known as teeth whitening. This is a most common procedure in the field of cosmetic dentistry. Most individuals with healthy white teeth also used this teeth whitening system for bright smile. This system can also used as home tooth whitening, which is wearing customized thin, flexible trays (one for lower teeth and one for upper teeth) for a couple of minutes will helps to get a shiny white teeth. Teeth whitening also helps to get rid of discolored or yellow teeth and your tooth stains immediately within 30 minutes.

Why do you need white teeth ?

Most of the people shows their interest to have a nice set of white teeth, but there are many that, they do have discolored teeth or stained teeth. If you have a stained teeth or yellow teeth you lose your confidence some times, which will effects your social life and professional life as you will find difficult to talk to your colleagues or superiors or dearer ones or even family members.

Office bleach takes 30mins time to get a shade eight times brighter than the existing shade.