Center for Advance Training

In Microdentistry


1. Basic endodonticstis

Day 1

  • Case selection
  • Access opening
  • Hands on on modification of access opening for location of canals
  • Crown down/step back/hybrid technique and balanced force technique
  • Introduction to different types of endodontic file systems
  • Hands on on BMP.
  • Irrigants type and irrigation protocol and its sequence
  • Ultrasonics in endodontics
  • Interactive session.

Day 2


  • Hands on with hand file systems.
  • Use of apex locators.
  • Lecture on rotary file systems.
  • Single cone vertical obturation.
  • Concept of ACZ.

Course fee-inr 4700

Bring airotor hand piece, masks and gloves of your size and dg 16 probe or any straight probe.

Day 3-(optional)

  • Post endodontic restorations
  • Talk on endo- perio relation
  • How to obtain ferrule
  • Hands on on post and core
  • Selection of a core built up material

Bring endodontically treated teeth for the hands on of post and core.

Course fee-inr 2500

2. Advanced rotary Endodontics and Non-microscopic Re-treatment

This course is designed for the practitioners,who are acquainted with basic endodontics, this course aims to cover re-treatment procedures,may be attempted without use of a microscope.

Day 1

  • Advanced rotary endodontics
  • Greater taper concepts in endo
  • Where and when to use steel and niti files
  • Rotary endodontics
  • Choosing right equipments
  • How to avoid endodontic accidents during rotary endo procedures
  • How to chose right rotary system for you
  • Single file systems and its limitations
  • Hands on using rotary systems
  • Thermoplastic obturation in root canal
  • How to obtain a hermetic seal

Lunch break…..

We shall require 4 molar/premolar/anterior teeth with access openings made and canals located.

Afternoon session…..

Basic endodontic retreatment plans.

Day 2

  • Reasons of failure in Endodontics
  • Understanding root canal anaotomy and biology
  • Locating and instrumenting curved canals and disappearing canals
  • Modern concepts of cleaning and shaping
  • How to address the apical one third of root canal system
  • MTA and its use.
  • Treatment of large lesions
  • Negotiation of calcified canals
  • How to manage separated instruments
  • Discussion on day today problems that we encounter while doing regular endodontic procedures.
  • Endo perio considerations.
  • Hands on for
    1-gutta percha retreatment,
    2-MTA application .
    3-Post endodontic rehabilitation

Course fee-inr 11500

3. Advanced endo course along with microdentistry

This is designed for the endodontists and experienced practitioners.

This is designed for the endodontists and experienced practitioners.
All will be provided operating microscope for working.
Program duration- 3 days
And limited to three participants only.

Course will cover

  • Rubber dam application
  • Introduction to dental microscope
  • Working positions
  • Microendo instuments
  • Minimal invasive and ultra conservative dentistry using microscope
  • Introduction to microendodontics
  • Extracanal detection under microscope
  • Retreatment under a scope
  • Importance of ultrasonics
  • Treatment of perforations with mta.
  • Placing a fiber post
  • Negotiation of calfified pulpchamber and canals
  • How to treat a taurodontic molar endodontically
  • Separated instrument retrival under a scope.
  • Thermoplastic obturation techniques

Course fee-inr 30000