Change your Smile

Smile-image1very face is unique. Our expressions can show a range of moods, intentions and emotions – usually leaving a lasting impression. A confident smile can say it all, enabling you to take a positive approach to everything you do in life.

People visit our Complete Smile practice for a wide range of cosmetic dentistry reasons, but all with the same aim – to feel better about their smile. You too can make the change and look forward to the future with a perfect smile on your face.

  • Smile elements.Smile-image2
    The teeth,gingiva & lips are related to each other & then to the entire face
  • Proportions.
    using this formula you can calculate the required length & width ratio of each tooth to achieve golden proportion
  • Symmetry:
    Of face(both sides of the face has to be studied)
    Radiating symmetry of teeth is a sign of youthfulness
    While horizontal symmetry gives an elderly look.
  • To create a visual balance either these elements are moved towards the midline or are counter balanced with opposite elements to regain the balance.
    Otherwise there will be a visual tension.
    The natural pleasing smile may not follow all rules.but that ‘s the nature’s created illusion of balance .